5 Things Your Vagina Wants You to Know

Today I’m here to bust some pretty common myths about the vagina and tell you the things it really wants you to know. 

#1 Physicians in the 20s and 30s believed the vagina was full of dangerous bacteria. The narrative we have, that vaginas are ‘dirty’ came from a time of female sexual oppression.

Thank god science has evolved and we know this is a bunch of garbage. The vagina is an incredible organ. Its home to a whole microbiome that’s working to maintain a good balance of bacteria.

The reason you don’t need to douche or use cleansers in the vagina is because the vaginal mucosa sheds cells, produces a self cleaning discharge and also produces lactobaccilus- a good type of bacteria that help the vagina stay nice and acidic. This acidic environment help keep harmful bacteria and yeast levels low.
Actually, your more likely to get infections if you try and use soap or cleansers in the vaginal canal because youre washing away that protective stuff. Really nothing should be going in there.

#2: Infections happen because you have a vagina. Its inevitable. Some women unfortunately suffer from infections more than others and science cant always tell us why.

If the delicate pH of the vagina is disrupted for any reason it can lead to infection. Things that can disrupt pH are hormones, friction from sex, antibiotics, allergic reactions, menopause having a weakened immune system.

I have spent a lot of time studying yeasts, bacteria and infections are common. Some women are prone to BV and others seem to get yeast infections a lot, and it usually has nothing to do with how “clean” you are down there or how much you're washing that area.  Now there are a few things you can do especially if you’re prone to infection or irritation. Make sure you don’t have underlying hormone imbalances, make sure you’re drinking lots and lots of water, eating a healthy diet and getting a lot of sleep.

#3. Your vagina smells bad. Okay I know it seems obvious but Im going to say it anyways. Vaginas are meant to smell like ..vaginas. Not strawberries or watermelons or whatever other thing marketing agencies or that asshole from high school would have us believe.

Also- fragrances and perfumes are super irritating to vulva and vaginal skin. I see products out there like washes and creams and lubricants that have flavours and
These products can cause allergic reactions and skin issues and can irritate the delicate skin and increase your risk of bv or a yeast infection.
You are supposed to have your own special smell. Its musky and unique and individual to you.

If you're worried you smell too strong, or you smell a distinctly fishy smell then go see your doctor because its likely you could have an infection that’s causing it.

#4. I don’t really know where this one comes from. But No… it's not true. The vagina is a muscle. It expands and contracts. It relaxes during arousal. The muscles will stretch and expand before and during intercourse but it quickly goes back to normal soon after. All bodies are different and the vagina, as with any muscle can change with illness, age, childbirth. But theres no evidence linking sex to vaginal tightness.

Side note I've seen on amazon these vaginal tightening pills and creams and sticks. I am super wary of 1. Where products come from, 2. What claims they are making.

I've worked in the medical industry a long time and I can guarantee you that anything that’s offered to tighten your vag is going to damage the tissue as well as disrupt your discharge. Not to mention products like this reinforce this patriarchal idea that vaginas can be used and stretched. This seriously screws up women medically and emotionally.

#5. This one is tough. There's two things I want to say about this.
1. Labia can can stick out they can hang. I understand women can have pain when they sit or in tight clothes or bathing suite and so that is a valid concern.

2. On the flip side Porn has really messed this up for women. In porn you see these perfectly nipped and tucked labia that aren’t representing real life.

I read recently that labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery and I think this is kind of sad.  And the reasons the majority of the women getting these surgeries are not for discomfort or pain they are young women worried that they don't look like the people in porn or are self conscious in front of their partner.

My personal opinion: you need to do what's right for you but if you are with someone who thinks your labia aren't beautiful. Leave that person

In real life Some are wider, longer, some don’t show at all!
The labia minora come in all shapes and sizes, so ladies please please don’t stress if yours hang out past your outer lips. This is totally normal. And totally beautiful.

Okay, that was the 5 for today. Thanks for hanging out with me again. If you like this content make sure to subscribe below. I'll be checking in with you every week to talk all things vaginal wellness. Bye!