Let's Talk About Your Vagina

Hi Everyone.

I am here to talk about vaginas! My vagina, your vagina. All things vagina. This channel is for all the women who are struggling with vagina issues. Trust me when I say this, I know it can be incredibly frustrating and I want women to know they are not alone in this.

So why am I so passionate about vaginas that I started a Youtube channel?
Well for starters I have one, and like many other woman, I have dealt with my own vagina issues. I was misdiagnosed for the better part of 10 years and so I was forced to educate myself at an obsessive level to try to understand what was wrong with me because no one including all of the doctors I went to see could help me. One thing I realized is There isn't a lot out there when it comes to vaginal health and a lot of women don’t like having this conversation. So I'm here to share what I’ve learned in hopes that it might help one of you.    

To give you a quick background on myself, I have worked in the healthcare industry for over 10 years, I have worked in women's health and I've had the opportunity to learn from  some of the best medical experts across North America in vaginal health. I have spent years studying and researching this stuff, trying to understand what was happening to me when doctors kept saying “ oh you have an infection- theres no way a 20 year old could be going through menopause”. Im  also a member of the NVA (if you don’t know about it Ive linked it below) it’s a group devoted to women suffering from vulvovaginal health disorders. I started speaking with women from around the world and Women started coming to me with their questions so frequently I thought this would be a good way to get some of that information out there on a larger scale.

This is a really amazing time for the vagina. The past year or so has really seen vaginas come to the forefront. There has been such a huge shift in the way we discuss women's reproductive health but we still have some work to do when it comes to vaginal health and how we take care of that part of our body.
So this channel is going to be about vaginas, how they work, whats going on when they don’t work.  Periods. Hormones. All that good stuff.  Ill be sharing What Ive gone through, how I was finally diagnosed with Vulvodynia/Vestibulitis
Im going to go through everything with you guys, the research i've done, the treatments Ive tried. My thoughts on supplements and diets, recurrent infections, pelvic floor health and product reviews. Like I said. Vagina stuff. Im going to tell you about some of the crazy shit i've shoved up my hoo ha in the name of healing, some of the other ridiculous vagina trends I've found out there.
It is overwhelming to me how many women suffer from vaginal pain, pain with sex, infections, vaginal atrophy problems with their birth control pills and don’t get sufficient answers.

If this sounds similar to you, or you want to hear about what happened to me you're going to want to watch the next episode and check it out.