Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays coming up I thought it would be a great time to do a little round up of some of my favourite self care vaginal health care products for you or your partner to get your hands...and vagina on. 

Gift #1 Lady Suite Oil
Everything Im going to show you today Ive tried, and personally use on myself. Okay. Im normally not a fan of things that have fragrances or colours but this oil has been a pleasant surprise. 
I came across Lady Suite Earlier this year and I find them a nice combo of luxury cosmetic and good for you health product. The founder is Therese Clark, she's been a beauty product developer for over 20 years and she wanted to come up with a product to help combat vulva dryness that came  from her own hypothyroid issues. Dry skin can make razor burn and ingrown hairs worse and so she developed a botanical oil to help women suffering from skin issues. 
 You can tell she's put her expertise into this line because this bottle looks super cute on my bathroom vanity and Ive definitely had girlfriends of mine steal it when they come over. 
The website says the beautiful pink colour comes from the ayurvedic blend of herbs and extracts so this pink colour is apparently all natural. The smell is harder to describe. I thought it was going to have a heavy smell but Its almost scent free with just almost a hint of grapefruit and I think thats from the orange oil. 
Ill show you the texture here...
It's all organic and has sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam, sesame, evening primrose oil, orange oil, moringa, tamanu oils.
It is so moisturizing and absorbs into the skin right away so its not greasy or oily. This is my go to straight out of the shower, or before I put on any nice underwear. Ive also been using it before bed because my partner has said it makes my skin so soft. I have been using this all the time its actually my second bottle. I will also say that since using this ive had zero razer burn or ingrown hairs. 
Definitely a beautiful oil and perfect for a special treat yourself moment. 

Gift #2 Super Soft sustainable underwear Huha Underwear
These have got to be the softest undies I have come across. And I could do a whole episode on underwear. **I think actually I might **. As any person with a vagina will know, soft underwear is the only thing we care about. 
Now you might ask me… Kat why not wear cotton underwear If I'm prone to infections or have vulvar pain?
Cotton breathes yes..however when it gets wet it stays wet longer. It doesn't dry quickly and the more you wash it the rougher it becomes. Fabrics like rayon and polyester have issues too, they don't breath, they can irritate skin and encourage bacteria. Fibres like tencel and modal from bamboo, beech and eucalyptus breathe way more than cotton, and they are incredible because they are moisture wicking, fast drying, have antimicrobial properties and stay incredibly soft after you wash them. This brand in particular is called Huha (Hello love it) and their underwear is really neat because they have infused zinc fibres into the liner here. The company says these underwear help to reduce odour and irritation and The Zinc oxide helps to reduce the number of bacteria that stay in the clothes so I thought this was something pretty innovative for women who are prone to UTI’s or infections. 
I know there have been times in my life where I haven't even been able to wear underwear because my skin was so irritated and so these are awesome. 
Cool fact, the founder is female and she is a local Canadian based in Vancouver. I'll link the site below. 

Gift #3 V Medicine Mama’s V Magic Balm. 
This is kind of the holy grail of vulva balms. And i mean if courtney kardashian and Gweneth Paltrow rave about it it must be good. Kidding, but you know only the best creams are touching the kardashian bums. 
So V Magic is amazing, it soothes, it protects and it calms irritated skin. 
It's loaded with olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, honey, and sea buckthorn fruit oil. It also has Melexylem which is the companies own special blend of honey and propolis that have prebiotics and antioxidants. Ive used this balm pretty much everywhere for a long time. Ive used it before and after sex to reduce friction, I use it before cycling for chafing and friction. Its actually super healing and I've used it on tears and cuts to help them heal faster. It kind of melts into the skin so its nice to use before sex if you're more dry. 
Another great tip is to use this all over your vulva especially if you have infections. Yeast can really irritate the skin it comes into contact with and so I use V magic as a barrier method so my skin doesn't burn. 
As far as consistency goes its nice and thick. I'll put some on my hand so you can see. It melts on contact and it is more oily so I will say you don't need a lot and just be mindful of the oiliness. 

Gift #4 Lululemon Align Leggings. 
I was asked in my chat forum recently what the best leggings were for women with vulvar pain because often many women cant wear jeans or pants that have seams that put pressure on their vulvas. 
These are the align legging from Lululemon. I think I'm on my 4th pair of these leggings since the company launched them because I swear by them.  without a doubt are one of the softest legging I have come across. They come in every colour and I wear them to do everything. I even will sleep in these sometimes, they're that good. 

Gift #5 The Vagina BIBLE 
Jen Gunter is an OBGYN and I have been following her for YEARS. She Canadian/ American and a New York times columnist she's also a specialist when is comes to women's chronic pain and vulvovaginal disorders. 

This book literally is the bible when it comes to everything you ever wanted to know about vaginal health, and i like it because it's all grounded in science and research. The book covers the A to Z of vaginas. vaginal microbiome, infections, kegals, hygiene, hormones, diet, how your vagina changes throughout pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. It's got everything. And i love it because although its been written by a gyno its easy to digest and easy to refer to. You dont have to read it in one sitting and I can easily pick and choose different sections to reference when I need to look something up.

#6 COCONU Oil Based Lubricant. Another thing I could do a whole episode on...and I will are my favourite lubricants. 
Lubricant is a tough one. Especially for people who have sensitivities. I actually found Coconu after I began having an allergic reaction to a water based lubricant I was using. Coconu is made with all organic coconut oil. 
The company has a great story too. It was founded by a husband and wife duo in Utah…. Who introduced the first USDA certified coconut oil based lubricant. They then created a coconut water based lubricant shortly after. Their products have no alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, phlatates or fragrances. I have both lubricants but I have been especially impressed with the oil based. They also have a hemp/coconut oil one I cant wait to try. 
Their lubricants are also completely edible! But because they are all natural they recommend re-ordering after 6 months. I noticed there was a little bit of a colour change with the water based one but they've assured me it doesn't affect the product at all. The water based one is very slippery and good for condoms and toys but I have been loving the coconut oil based one because its very moisturizing skin to skin and good for sensitive skin and I use it as a really nice massage oil as well, you just cant use it with condoms because the oil will breakdown the latex.  
Just like some of the other oils Ive talked about this one is made of  Sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, kukui oil sea buckthorn oil and vitamin e. 
I've read a ton of positive customer reviews for this lube and I do know its sold out right now but I highly recommend this brand if you are looking for a high quality product. 

Well. Thanks for joining me today! Im a product junkie and I just love seeing so many great products coming out for women's health! If you like this content, check out the links below I've linked all the products here and please subscribe!
Happy Holidays!