Look At Your Vagina

I was shocked to read a recent statistic that said a third of women still can not correctly identify or label the parts of the vaginal anatomy. So whats going on? Why Is that?

It's not really anyones fault. It's years of neglect on the part of society to discuss female sexuality. And this goes as far back as the as history can remember.
Knowledge is power and women are more empowered when we understand our anatomy. Especially when it comes to talking to other people about it.
So much of what we hear about vaginas growing up is inaccurate or makes us feel uncomfortable when we are kids or teenagers. I think that leaves a lot of young women confused as adults.

Many people refer to this whole area as the vagina, and that’s only partly correct. The vagina is the internal canal that is not visible from the outside. The VULVA is what you see on the outside and is everywhere your underwear touches. The vestibule is in between your labia.

the two sets of labia are the gatekeepers. They protect the vestibule and are essentially tissue and folds that act as barriers.
Interesting fact, the labia minora are composed of erectile tissue so they can swell during stimulation.

The Clitoris:
We can thank Freud for the false belief that the clitoris isn’t the most important things ever. It's even been referred to as a smaller version of a penis.

Eye roll  - Yeah right.

The clitoris is fucking amazing. Its only purpose is sexual pleasure. Its actually a much larger beautiful network of nerves that forms an upside down Y. Some people don’t know but there are actually about 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris. To put that in perspective That’s twice as many nerve endings as the male penis.
Vestibule- the skin of the vestibule is made up of glands and mucosal skin. The tissue is very delicate and its protected by the labia. There are two sets of glands. At the top are Skenes Glands and at the bottom of the vestibule are Bartholin Glands. Glands in this area produce the lubrication and moisture you feel.
And finally the VAGINA. The vaginal canal links the opening of the vestibule to the cervix and houses its own perfect little ecosystem of bacteria and yeast (that for the most part play nicely). The vaginal mucosa produces secretions from the cervix, the glands we mentioned before, and cells that are continuously shedding from the vaginal surface. It also contains healthy bacteria called lactobacillus. Lactobaccilli produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide and this keeps the vagina at a healthy acidic pH protecting it from harmful bacteria.

My advice to all the ladies. Grab a makeup mirror and go to town. Check your stuff out. I highly recommend you get to know your girl up close and personal, that way not only will you know if somethings up, but you'll also be more comfortable talking about it when the time comes.

I hope that was helpful.