My Top 4 Period Products

If you are new to the world of reusable menstrual products, you've come to the right place! These are my top picks for menstrual products that aren’t tampons or pads.
Most people I know grew up with disposable menstrual products like pads and tampon. Plastic bleached cotton that rubs you the wrong way, chafes, itches, and for the most part just suck and most of the products I talk about today may cost more upfront but will last a very long time.

#1: Reusable Pads from AISLE 
I thought these would take some adjusting but since I haven't been able to wear tampons for years I suffered through disposable pads. Even the organic cotton ones were awful. They leak, they don't absorb very well, they get hot and would give me rashes. I even ended up getting a yeast infection from pads. It's just impossible to make them work when you want to wear a thong, or a dress or skirt. 
I bought these the second they came out and they are amazing if you don't want to use tampons. Super soft, super absorbent I only needed one every day. They absorb about 2 tampons worth of fluid. Like most reusable pads there is a moisture wicking top layer, an absorbable mid layer and this brand uses breathable tencel cotton on top. You wash them in the washing machine and these are great as a backup if you do wear tampons or a menstrual cup or you need extra coverage overnight. They have a snap closure so you just wrap them around whatever underwear you choose. These ones specifically are made locally in Vancouver and I read each menstrual pad replaces approx. 238 disposable pads. So the investment per use is easily justified they are around $20-25 each. 

#2: Menstrual Cup. 
The one Im going to talk about today is by the brand Intimina. They make the Lilycup this cute little ribbed cup that comes in two different sizes . Size A is recommended for people who have a lighter flow or who haven't given birth vaginally and size B is recommended for people who have medium to heavy flow or suits their pelvic floor better.  One of the big advantages to menstrual cups and discs are that they don't dry out the vagina. Vaginal tissue is very moist and delicate and has a lot of beneficial bacteria and discharge. Tampons absorb everything. Menstrual cups and discs also aren't associated with TSSf you leave them in a long time. If you are new to wearing tampons or need a refresh TSS is a rare life threatening condition linked specifically to tampons.
So one of the reasons I love this is because  Its made of medical grade silicon and this one folds down into its own little compact case. Back in the day I used Diva cup but it only came in sizes that were bigger than this and I really struggled to position it so it wouldn't leak or slip down during the day. This collapsable cup is perfect for travel and the ridges help it not move around once you place it. My best friend recommended this one to me when I saw it in her makeup bag, so it really is discreet. 
They are easy to use and you can sterilize it by placing it into boiling water. This will probably last you all day and it is a great option for flying, camping or travelling overnight. Menstrual cups are also great way to reduce your carbon footprint, especially when you think of how many pads, tampons, and applicators you replace with one of these things. 

#3. Period Underwear
I think Period underwear is one of the best inventions ever. There are a couple of companies doing period underwear and Im so glad. Gone are the days when bulky pads and tampons were what we could choose from. The period underwear I have are from a company named KNIX but I will link a couple other ones below. I use two styles, both the thong and an overnight short that kind of look like biking shorts. 
Leaks are probably the biggest concern here, but fear not because these are legit. Id save the thongs for the lighter days and go with the briefs and shorts for your heavier days but overall these are worth it. 
How do they work: 
The thongs are lighter absorbency: they absorb about 1 tsp of liquid, they are perfect as backup on your heavier days or used alone on your lighter days. These would also be perfect for any bladder leaking you could have. I do know this company also does a post partum line and many of my friends have tried it and have amazing things to say. 
It might be worth mentioning Thinx underwear do relax over time, so when I bought these they fit nice and snug when you first wear them but mine have stretched out somewhat so keep that in mind when you are buying. 
I also bought the dream short- and these are really a dream for sleeping. This is a high absorbency short, it holds about 4 tsp of liquid and is designed to be worn overnight because it has an extended gusset both towards the front and the back. Don't have to be self conscious about leaking in the middle of the night because these cover you everywhere and they feel super soft, like really smooth workout gear.
A little bit about the technology: there are three layers to these underwear, a moisture wicking layer, a moisture absorbing antimicrobial layer and a liquid resistant outer layer. 
What's great about these period underwear is that they look like regular undies, you honestly cant tell much of a difference, they are super cute. They aren't heavy, they aren't bulky. You can wear them under every outfit. 
What about cleaning them?
They can be tossed in the washing machine on the cool cycle and hang to dry, its really no different than my other nice underwear. 

#4. Menstrual Disc. 
I've tried soft disc and flex and these are my favourite. Menstrual discs are basically a medical grade silicon ring that catches the blood horizontally instead of like the cup.  I will say they are messier to remove than a menstrual cup because they lay flat but personally I like that I cant feel it at all once its in. I like the way these discs fit, they are easy to insert, they just kind of sit right behind your pubic bone. You basically just bend it in half, insert it and use your finger to angle it up towards your cervix. they don't leak, last all day and I cant feel them at all. The disposable ones are really convenient I think if you're on the go and say cant rinse out your menstrual cup. But if you're looking for something more sustainable intimina also has the ziggy cup made of silicone. You can also have sex while using the disc which is a nice perk and Im not sure how much truth there is to this but there are  claims that menstrual discs help to reduce cramping. personally I have noticed a difference in how bad my cramps are and they seem to be much better when I use these. 

Alright, that wraps up the list. If you thought this was helpful please leave me some comments below. I always like to hear feedback, opinions, recommendations and find out what you think. 
See you next week.