Our Story

Ladies, does this sound familiar? You visit your doctor for yet another prescription to treat your vaginal irritation- but you discover the medication you were prescribed either didn't work or your infection returned soon after. Is it yeast? Is it BV? It's enough to drive a girl crazy! The good news? You're not alone.

intimae is here to take the guesswork out of treating your vaginal woes. 

After a decade spent alongside professionals in gynecology and women’s health, intimae founder Kathryn realized that the vaginal care industry lacked a product that let women in on the conversation about their health; especially women who are more prone to infection or women whose symptoms come back on a regular basis. She wanted to provide a treatment option for women struggling with recurrent vaginal issues that relieved their symptoms quickly and effectively.

So, she set out to provide a product with a proven track record, one that women with even the most resistant infections could trust. And, voila. Enter intimae RELIEVE Suppositories, a new alternative for any woman facing recurrent infections.


A note from Kathryn:

Like many women, I've been disappointed with most conventional treatments and prescriptions on the market. There’s a serious lack of effective non-prescription products when it comes to vaginal health. Boric acid really is a game-changer for many women. 

It was important to make this product available to women who suffer with no relief. After seeing the benefits of boric acid firsthand, I thought, “more women need to know about this!” So here we are. 

Many people don’t like to talk about a delicate issue like vaginal health, especially if it means admitting something might be wrong "down there". My hope with intimae is for every woman to feel confident and have reliable options for her intimate wellbeing. Let’s make vaginal health something we aren’t afraid to talk about.