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We provide better hormone-free options that provide relief quickly and effectively. With our innovative formulas you can say goodbye to UTI's, mood swings, hot flashes and low sex drive.

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At Intimae we want to provide natural solutions to common women's health issues to help you feel more confident about your sexual health and wellbeing.

Our premium botanical-based
products work gently and effectively to address symptoms associated with infections, irritation, and low sex drive without interfering with pH balance, hormones, or medications.


Your Vagina Shouldnt be.

How many of you have gone to the pharmacy for messy creams or antibiotics only to notice your symptoms come back?

You know the answer- lot's of us. Here's how we can help

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"Nourish is an excellent mix of adaptogen herbs designed to balance women hormones, improve mood and reduce anxiety. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now and I noticed I'm less stressed and more calmed, it also helped a lot reducing my mood swings.."



"Game changer for Vaginal Odour

Relieve is the only thing that works for vaginal odour. My docs have prescribed antibiotics that only work for a little while and as soon as my bf and I have sex- the smell comes back. I use this whenever I need to and it works amazingly fast. thank you thank you."



"Good for infections that keep coming back.

After a few rounds of antibiotics I was left with UTI's that would go away and then come right back. The pain and burning was terrible. Protect Cranberry is the only thing that cleared things up- even my naturo recommended them."

- SB


"Relieve has literally solved everything for me.

I am so upset I did not find Intimae sooner. I would recommend this product to anyone, anytime, anywhere in a heartbeat."



"I am a 65 Year old woman who gets bladder infections almost every single month. Thanks to Protect UTI capsules I haven't had bladder pain or infection in over 3 months. Thank you intimae"