Protect+ UTI


Kiss Your UTI Buh-Bye!

We know the feeling. We hate it too; burning when you urinate, the intense urge to ‘go’, and that pressure in your low back. Few things are more frustrating than a urinary tract infection. Especially ones that come back.

That is why we are bringing you PROTECT+, a clinically proven combination of Cranberry and D-Mannose for urinary and bladder health, to help you feel protected everyday.  

     Protect+ provides a powerhouse blend of ingredients for UTI prevention. Our combination of Cranberry PAC’s, D-Mannose, Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids offer protection from recurrent urinary tract infections and the most comprehensive support for overall bladder health.

    We have sourced the highest quality Cranberries from Quebec, containing fruit active A-Type proanthocyanidins (PAC) to bring you the most complete UTI supplement on the market.

    *Research shows 240mg of Cranberry, in addition to D-mannose, is the most effective solution for recurrent UTI support.

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