About Us

Dear Friends, Welcome to Intimae™.

Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada we pride ourselves on our ability to create supplements with impeccable quality, concentrated ingredients and manufactured locally and sustainably.

From the very beginning our mission has been to empower and support women in their pursuit of holistic sexual well-being.

Woman lying on ground

We Understand

that every woman's journey is unique. It is with this deep respect for women’s health that we have crafted a range of supplements designed to bring your body back into balance.

At Intimae® we believe in the profound connection between body, mind and spirit. We recognize the wisdom and intuition that resides within every woman and with a commitment to our one-of-a kind products we are dedicated to providing supplements that honour our customers.

Our Formulations

are inspired by ancient traditions of herbal medicine combined with modern science, resulting in products that address the specific needs of women throughout the many stages of life.  

 As you embark on your wellness journey with us, remember that your well-being is at the heart of everything we do. We are honoured to be a part of your path towards health and vitality.

In gratitude, The Intimae Team

Our Quality Promise

Intimae™ is committed to finding the best quality ingredients for our formulas.

We work exclusively with suppliers who are committed providing the following:

Supply Chain Transparency

cGMP Certified Production Facilities

Certificates of Analysis for each ingredient identifying any allergens, non-medicinal
ingredients, processing agents, pesticides, contaminants and heavy metals.

Documentation for sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.