Cordyceps, a type of fungi, has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for centuries. 

Libido Enhancement: Cordyceps is believed to have aphrodisiac properties, potentially enhancing libido or sexual desire. It is thought to improve overall vitality and energy levels, which may positively influence sexual function.

Improved Erectile Function: Some studies suggest that cordyceps may have vasodilatory effects, meaning it could help relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. Improved blood circulation is crucial for erectile function, and this could contribute to better sexual health.

Enhanced Stamina and Endurance: Cordyceps is often associated with increased physical stamina and endurance. Improved energy levels and reduced fatigue may indirectly support sexual performance and stamina- this is why its often included in performance supplements! 

Balancing Hormones: A powerful adaptogen, Cordyceps helps the body adapt to stress and potentially influencing hormonal balance. Hormonal balance is critical for optimal sexual health.

Anti-Aging Effects: Cordyceps is considered to have anti-aging properties. While aging is a natural process, supporting overall health, including sexual health, is part of maintaining well-being as one ages.

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